Oyster herpes OsHV-1 µvar goes global [2010 - ?]

2010-Jan-22 to 2011-Jan-22

OsHV-1 µvar is spreading around the world. The global spread started with an outbreak in France in 2008. Since then, there have been the following outbreaks: UK 2010 New Zealand 2010 Australia 2010 Netherlands 2011 USA 2011 (OsHV-1) Spain 2011 Japan ? The spread of OsHV-1 µvar around different parts of the world where pacific oysters are grown was forecast by using some of the information found in the AquaticHealth.net database. The forecasts were made with the consideration that OsHV-1 µvar was always present in the oyster population at very low levels. This may not be wholly accurate, and it raises more questions than answers, but it was effective. And supplying spat from hatcheries is like playing Russian roulette. This means any region receiving spat from a hatchery is at risk of an outbreak when the right conditions prevail e.g. Tasmania (ED UPDATE Jan 2016: too late for Tas, prediction is correct and has played out), South Australia (next cab off the rank when temperatures are just right?). Possible solutions: better hatchery biosecurity...